GCC Cryptocurrency

What is GCC ?

Gatsby Club Currency is our own cryptocurrency. It will be created on the Solana blockchain.
It's a utility and governance token for the Gatsby Club
It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.
By owning a Golden Pass, you will receive GCC it each day.
Once you have enough GCC Tokens you can buy the NFTs in the Gatsby Marketplace.

How much GCC I receive by holding ?

700 GCC per Pass on a weekly basis.

GCC Distribution

We will mint the required amount to send it to holders.
We have 555 Golden Pass.
The team allocation is only used for liquidity if needed.

GCC Supply

GCC received :
-By airdrop until all the VIP NFTs in the marketplace are redeemed then end of airdrop.
-By staking
Max Supply : 200 millions
We will closely monitor the evolution of the token and make any necessary changes to ensure the health of the ecosystem : max supply, airdrops, buy back, burn.

How long do I have to hold to buy the NFTs ?

It all depends on the NFT of the Gatsby Marketplace you want to buy.
The more expensive it is, the longer it takes.
The following tables were build with an initial supply of 7 777 Pass.
The table below shows the number of months of HOLD required depending on the desired NFT.
NFT Price in USD
Month holding with 1 Golden Pass
5 000 USD
4 month
10 000 USD
8 month
50 000 USD
15 month
300 000 USD
25 month
If you hold more than 1 Golden Pass, the holding time required will quickly decrease.
Here is the same table with 3 Golden Pass NFT owned.
NFT Price in USD
Month holding with 3 Golden Pass
5 000 USD
1.3 month
10 000 USD
2.7 month
50 000 USD
5 month
300 000 USD
8.3 month
The table below show the price in GCC for each types of NFTs.
NFT Price in USD
Price in GCC
5 000 USD
12 400 GCC
10 000 USD
24 800 GCC
50 000 USD
46 500 GCC
300 000 USD
77 500 GCC