Project manager.
I started my adventure in the NFT world with my Worms Punks Collection and Deep Spaces Robots Collection ! I learned a lot with my first collections.
The Gatsby Club was created with the goal to bring a new utility in the world of NFTs It's part of a long-term project which aims to grow the community and innovate in the field of NFTs.
The community plays a key role in this project, which is why the holders are greatly rewarded. New team members will be added to deliver the best to our community and take NFTs to the next level.


Community Manager.
Crypto investor since 2018 and NFTs collector.


Front-End Engineer.
Web & Mobile Developer : after 5 years of Microsoft software developments, I switched to Web and mobile developments for 10 years.
Next to that, I began investing in stocks a few years ago and finally discovered the awesome crypto world.
Since then, I have become a true crypto addict. I pass hours to find the next GEM & ICO during the day and dream about NFTs at night.