Community Wallet

Wallet Financing

The Community Wallet is financed by the :
  • 70% of the income when collection is sold out
  • Royalties : 8% (team and wallet)
The wallet is public and any transaction using it will be displayed in discord.
The mint price will be 1 SOL.

Community Wallets funds will be used as following :

  • 50% Prestigious NFT's
  • 20% Play 2 Earn
  • 20% Metaverse Lands and NFT's creation
  • 10% Pool
Note : the distribution can be modified to meet any needs in the success of the project.

What if the Community Wallet is empty ?

When the wallet is empty we will finance it with our next NFT drop : Gatsby Real Estate NFT.

Gatsby Club DAO:

Our members will decide which prestigious NFTs we buy and which Play 2 Earn NFTs they want.
The project evolution will be decided by vote using the GCC Token.