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Phase 1 : Community and art

-Create a community in discord and twitter

Phase 2 : Launching the collection

-Add NFTs to the candy machine
-Pre Sale
-Launching the Sale

Phase 3 : Gatsby Marketplace and GCC

-Holders vote to chose which NFTs to buy with the community wallet.
-Buying the chosen NFTs
-Sending GCC to holders
-Gatsby marketplace

Phase 4 : P2E and Metaverse

Buying lands in Decentraland Mana or Sandbox
Buying P2E NFTs for our community
Creating Metaverse NFT's

Phase 5 : New collection

Our club will constantly evolve around new drops and partnership.

Roadmap with the % of Golden Passes minted :

20% : Prestigious NFT's and marketplace
50% : Play to Earn and Metaverse Lands
80% : Metaverse NFT's
100% : New Drop Gatsby Real Estate