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Why should I buy a Golden Pass ?

To join the Gatsby Club and benefit from the Equalizer :
-Own prestigious NFTs totally out of reach for the majority.
-Have free access to Play 2 Earn NFTs : Axie Infinity, Aurory, SolChicks, Illuvium and more.
-Join us in the Metaverse in our lands.
-Own Metaverse NFT's made by the club
-Swap GCC tokens in our liquidity pools .
-Free Mint for our futur drops.
-WL and free mint to partners project

What is the supply of Golden Pass ?


What is the price of a Golden Pass ?

1 SOL.

How can I get a NFT of the marketplace ?

When you accumulated enough GCC Token corresponding to the NFT.
GCC is the only currency used on the marketplace !

When will you add NFTs in the Gatsby Marketplace ?

Holders will vote to decide which NFTs to buy with the Community Wallet.
Once community voted, we will buy them and add them to the Gatsby marketplace.

Is it first come first served for the NFTs ?

Yes it is.

When will I receive GCC Token ?

Once NFTs are bought with the community wallet.

Can members sell their GCC Token ?

Yes members can sell the GCC they receive.

Where can I trade the GCC Token ?

What will you do when all NFTs in Gatsby Marketplace are sold ?

We will launch a new collection to finance the community wallet again.

What will you do with the GCC you receive when we buy the NFTs in the marketplace?

It will be out of circulation in our wallet.