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NFT World : the next level is here
The Gatsby Club is a collection of NFTs which aim to reward the community in a revolutionnary way.
As a member you can :
-Own prestigious NFTs totally out of reach for the majority.
-Have free access to Play 2 Earn NFTs : Axie Infinity, Aurory, SolChicks, Illuvium and more.
-Join us in the Metaverse in our lands.
-Own Metaverse NFT's made by the club
-Swap GCC in the GCC/USDC Pool.
-Free Mint for our futur drops.
-WL and free mint to partners project
Owning a Golden Pass is the only way to join the club.

Gatsby Ecosystem Map

We use the income received by selling the collection to reward the community.
The community wallet is financed by 70% of the income.
The other 30% goes for the futur drops 10% and team 20%
The team will develop :
  • The GCC Token : only cryptocurrency used to enjoy our club
  • The Members Marketplace.
  • Buy Lands in the Metaverse
  • Buy Play 2 Earn NFTs
  • Create Metaverse NFT's
  • Create the next NFT collection : Gatsby Real Estate
Only members can buy the prestigious NFTs in the marketplace using the GCC Token.
It's the one and only cryptocurrency of the marketplace.

Members advantages :

Members of the Gatsby Club have exclusive advantages.

Receive GCC Token

By holding one Golden Pass for 24 hours you will receive 100 GCC Token.
GCC is required to enjoy all the Club benefits.
You can use it or immediatly sell it in our Liquidity Pool (Serum Exchange).

Private Marketplace with prestigious NFTs

Our members marketplace is full of prestigious NFTs.
Only members have access to these NFTs.

Metaverse Lands

You can enjoy our Club lands in the Metaverse and participate in the club parties.

Metaverse NFT's

We will create Gatsby NFT's for the metaverse and you will be able to buy them using GCC.

Play 2 Earn Games

We will buy Play 2 Earn NFT's and make them available for our club.
Such as : Axie Infinity, Aurory, Illuvium, Solchicks and more.
Members can rent the P2E NFT's in exchange of GCC.

Swap in our Raydium Pool

You can swap GCC for others tokens.

Futur drops and partners

Our members can have free mint for our next drops in exchange of GCC Token.
We will work closely with other high quality projects to offer to our members the best WL and free mints.

DAO Governance

The GCC is also a governance token : it will be used to decide how the club evolves.